• To tell of the Lord’s wonderful deeds
  • To grow in being a voice for orphans and inspire others to do the same… 
  • To encourage one another to get involved in some way to help orphans, widows, and the poor and needy…

Purpose Driven

Purpose driven

To find what pleases Him

As I seek His presence in

While turning from sin

Laying aside things that are a hindrance

Putting God first again

Relying on His mercy and grace to send

For my soul to mend

And renew my mind when

I read the word and meditate on to defend

The wellspring of life filling my heart with Living Water within

Following the Good Shepherd in paths of righteousness while my needs He tends

Giving to orphans and poor to store up treasures in Heaven

Growing in faith, hope, and love to be a brother and friend

Mission Minded

 Forgetting what is behind

I strain toward what is ahead

 Your word is transforming me in renewing my mind

With good things so my heart and soul is nourished and fed

 Your thoughts toward us are not of evil but of peace I find

Plans to prosper us and not to harm us for a hope and future  we’re lead

 You’re drawing us closer in love by grace because You’re kind

To increase our faith replacing doubt and fear with mercy and forgiveness instead

 You’re granting focus and purpose for a life’s work that in Your will does align

To wait on You to establish the work of our hands and for Your help have plead

 Your desire for children to be cared for in their distress You assign

To us in availability as instruments of peace through whom You establish in truth and action what You’ve said

  1. thedanielinitiative09

    I like this.It is inspiring,keep it ahead brother

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