Reminder of God’s love and faithfulness

We stepped out in faith to move closer to my work and to be more involved in serving the Lord with the church.  As of yet, we have not physically moved.  The closing of our house was yesterday, but did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances.  The closing date on the house we are to move into was to be in 3 days.  We wait in trust and faith for God’s working out His will which is best we know.  

It is unnerving when my focus though can so easily shift from the Lord who is my shield and strength to the situational occurrences I have no control over.  Each time I have to turn back to Him for what He alone can do.  I have let the stress and uncertainty about the moving delay get to me.  We will be having a newborn into our family soon.  In seeking the Lord, I’ve cast all my cares and anxieties upon Him often which has helped.  His Word has encouraged and moved us forward when the doubts or fears try and set in.  He continues to share His love and tells us to trust Him.  He is the faithful One after all.  He is unlike people who can let us down or not come through for us and unlike circumstances that are unstable or uncertain.  He reminds that He alone is the One who provides.

I thought I had put all my hope and trust in God concerning the details of our move.  However early yesterday morning, I found myself wrestling once again with unsettling thoughts and feelings inside concerning God’s will, my own desires, and ultimately believing by faith.  He prompted me to read Psalm 84.  The essence of what stood out was God provides a home for the birds and I remember Him saying we are worth more than the sparrow.  Most importantly, He is our dwelling place.  Our home is with Him.  He is our home.  I received from Him the peace that surpasses all understanding after reading these comforting words.  His presence and love is what we really need most and desire for…    God reached my heart and renewed my mind all in a moment’s time.  He alone is willing and able to meet our deepest needs and desires to grow in us faith, hope, and love .

He has moved me indeed already.  Closer to Himself!  He did a work in me that I was needing to encourage me, increase my faith, and know that He is my hope, my life, and my destination…

I wrote the following poem after experiencing His peace that He graciously gave to me:

Jesus redeems

I bow at His feet

The King of kings

My everything

Desiring His hands to greet me

Receiving peace beyond understanding

From the Word of truth leading me to glean

Provision of His riches will meet our needs

Awaiting for Him to renew my strength to soar on eagle’s wings

His love and presence means more than what is seen

With hope to store more treasure in Heaven bringing

Where my heart is safe in His keeping

A place He prepares for us with no more weeping


My heart and prayers also turn to God our Father during this time to provide for the orphans and widows along with the pastors, teachers, and caretakers who have committed their lives to service unto the Lord in India whom we love.  They are my brothers and sisters in Christ who have great needs.  They do not have homes of their own.  Their daily food intake is limited.  They face hardships that I do not.  They experience suffering and going without more than I understand.  Would you join in prayer for God to meet their needs moreso, provide them with His joy, and bring about a hope and a future He desires for them to experience? 


Pastor Hariya, one of the pastors in India we help support, recently shared his heart with me.  He too has a family of his own.  They live with the orphans not in their own home , eat the minimal amount just the same as what the orphans eat, and his kids get the same schooling as the orphans with limited resources.  He doesn’t do it for material possessions or for money.  He is one of many who give their lives to serve the Lord in sharing the gospel through many difficulties.  What a blessing it would be if we as Christians took more seriously the priviledge of sharing and giving toward the needs of pastors, teachers, and caretakers in poor rural villages who in turn give to the needs of orphans and widows whom God desires to support and defend.



Have you considered supporting a pastor such as in India who also care for orphans?  If interested let me know by email: You can also look to help other pastors in need through the Gospel for Asia ministry.

May God bless you with a heart to be a voice for orphans and in some way support and/or serve the least of these.


About beavoicefororphans

My wife and I have been married for eighteen years and have seven children, two of which were miscarried and carried to Heaven. We met working as residential care counselors in an emergency shelter for abused and neglected children. We both love Jesus Christ, and have a passion for others to know Him and His saving grace, as well as a passion to reach the orphan. Most recently, GOD has put in my heart to reach out to those suffering with mental illness and suicidal ideation.

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