Kristin’s Miracle House

Kristin Elizabeth Elliot responds to God’s heart with hope and faith to one day have a home built for orphans in Africa.  I read Kristin’s story and how wonderfully she has become a voice for orphans.  At 18 years old and facing a rare type of cancer, she was approached by Make-A-Wish Foundation and asked what she wished for.  She wanted a home built for the orphans she had visited once before on a mission trip…  Awesome!  What a blessing it is to give and a blessing she is for the orphans.  Way to go, Kristin.  Thank you for being faithful to God and an inspiration to all.  Let us hold our sis up in prayer and God’s will be done for the orphans.

In spending time in the Word, I read in Psalm 48 how God is worthy of our praise for He protects, defends, saves, provides, and guides.  I give thanks for His unfailing love!


About beavoicefororphans

My wife and I have been married for eighteen years and have seven children, two of which were miscarried and carried to Heaven. We met working as residential care counselors in an emergency shelter for abused and neglected children. We both love Jesus Christ, and have a passion for others to know Him and His saving grace, as well as a passion to reach the orphan. Most recently, GOD has put in my heart to reach out to those suffering with mental illness and suicidal ideation.

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  1. God is going to use Kristin’s situation to bring hope into the world of these precious orphans. I have been to Zambia with the same organization and will be there again this summer. I look forward to meeting Kristin there. If you want to donate towards her house for the AIDS orphans, you go to this link: There is more on Kristin and the Tree of Life Village her miracle house will be a part of. Thanks!

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