Our kids are back with us.  I drove half way to meet my parents who took care of them for 2 weeks while Tami recovered from surgery.  I enjoyed the eight hour round trip while listening to Air 1 -a Christian alternative radio station.  Getting to hear new songs I haven’t ever heard lead me to focus on the LORD and get caught up in worshipping Him.  Refreshing! 

The desire to have our kids with us grew stronger once my daughter, Joy, expressed with tears the need to come home with 5 days left to go. 

 Tami definitely needed the recuperating time though.  She experienced months of sickness and depression.  She conceived in December.  She faced what we thought was a miscarriage in January and still may have had one if there were twins.  She was continuing to have severe pains and went to the doctor.  It was discovered that she was still pregnant and an ultrasound 2 days later confirmed it.  We had a healthy baby!!!  She went to another hospital for further tests and a tumor was found on her ovary that was twisting it.  She called me after 1:00 and was going to have outpatient surgery at 4:00.   I called Pastor Chris and other family friends to pray during this time.  God answered and Tami’s surgery was successful and the baby was alright through all of this stress.  I’ve used the term “whirlwind” to describe it all. 

I needed time too in order to unwind.  I tried to take care of everything relying on the LORD for help and often crying out to Him.  Working, letting Tami rest, taking care of the kids moreso, and upkeep of the house became more difficult and took a toll as the months went by. 

How I need my helpmate and thankful to the LORD for her!  We enjoyed time just the two of us -actually having more lengthy conversation and a few dates going out to eat.  We watched some movies that were inspiring:  The Ultimate Gift, Amazing Grace, Glory Road, Born into Brothels documentary and God Grew Tired of Us documentary.  It was a bit different from the norm of Veggie Tales and Little Bear. 

In God Grew Tired of Us , the portrayal of the Lost Boys of Sudan is told where approximately 25,000 boys flee from the genocide taking place at the time.  Tears welled up in my eyes before even pushing play in seeing the boys walking while one in particular limps along holding a stick for support.  Only about 12,000 make it on the trek of 1,000 miles into Kenya through the desert without food and water while facing dangerous attacks from lions.  Some of the boys are chosen to come to the U.S. to make a living.  It is extremely moving to see one of them, who thought his parents may not be alive, reunited with his mom after 17 years.  His name is John Dau and was a leader in charge of over 1,000 boys while fleeing Sudan.  One of his jobs was to bury those who died along the way.  He is now a director of his own foundation to improve healthcare and education in Sudan.  He is a strong voice for orphans and the poor and needy.

I was so excited to finally see my children and eager to bring them home after they were only gone 14 days.  In this short period of time away from them, I now appreciate each one moreso and choose to be intentional of showing my love with arms wide open ready to give hugs or hold them close offering encouraging words and a listening ear.  God is bringing about needed change in me to become consistently patient and kind again rather than so easily angered, frustrated, and harsh in my tone.  I love that God the Father, is merciful, abounding in love, full of compassion, and slow to anger.  I need that from Him and so do my kids…

I’m reminded of a time before when the expectant hope of seeing my family grew so intense.  On a trip home from Quito, Ecuador where I had spent 15 days at a camp for handicapped and orphaned children, I wrote this in anticipation:



I look forward to seeing my wife and daughter again.

May I anticipate with a growing expectant hope of Christ’s return more so even…


When I see my wife coming, I’ll go to embrace her showing

            appreciation and knowing she loves me better than a friend.

may it be a glimpse of the precious encounter with the Savior

glowing as the author and perfection of love greater than anyone

sure to gladly rend.


Then I see my daughter running while flowing

            with excitement to speak “I love you” and “I missed you” rejoicing

            when I look into her eyes and see her smile as I bend down to pick

            her up holding her once again ready for any needs to tend.


May this represent a glorious reminder of the Father’s bestowing

            acceptance of His children welcoming them home as a treasure

            more abundant than the ocean and more awesome than the  

            mountains proven to be faithful, full of grace, merciful, full of

            compassion, mighty to save and strong to defend, the heart’s hurts

            and soul’s wounds to mend in a joyous family reunion we’ll attend

            made and kept forever in Heaven.  



Most orphans are not able to reunite with their parents who have either died or abandoned them.  Reuniting into the ultimate family of God though is possible through Jesus Christ who longs to care for each one in being their Good Shepherd. 

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”  John 14:18

David, a man after God’s own heart, made sure an orphan named Mephibosheth was well taken care of and shown unconditional love.  David responded to the orphan’s feelings of worthlessness and handicapped condition with provision for:  a family in being welcomed and accepted, food in getting to sit at the King’s Table all his days, a home in restoring land back to him, and help from having servants to meet his needs.  Mephibosheth then had his own family.  God is awesome in His wondrous works to reunite lives into His family through the ultimate gift of His Son.  Let us give thanks for the grace and mercy He has shown in reuniting us to Himself.  Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever… Psalm 107:1


About beavoicefororphans

My wife and I have been married for eighteen years and have seven children, two of which were miscarried and carried to Heaven. We met working as residential care counselors in an emergency shelter for abused and neglected children. We both love Jesus Christ, and have a passion for others to know Him and His saving grace, as well as a passion to reach the orphan. Most recently, GOD has put in my heart to reach out to those suffering with mental illness and suicidal ideation.

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  1. Greetings in the most wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…
    Bro. what a wonder happened in my life. I am really wondered to saw your blogspot . Really our lord is grate Praise the lord. I inspired to read your blog. i am going to tell to our orphans and church believers and pastors and teachers about this blog. I pray for god provides everything you need in your ministry. I pray for you do more gods work i pray for god bless those who suported you and who helps you.
    Thankyou brother and sister
    Yours lord worker

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